Zodiac signs who love to cuddle, ranked from the most to least

All that certain people desire at the end of the day is to be able to comfortably cuddle and snuggle with their lover.  

These little, private moments that fill them with specialness and affection are what they consider to be the essence of a partnership.  

However, there are people who just hate these intimate moments if they mean that their private space is being invaded.   

aThese people need their independence and privacy. We've compiled a list of zodiac signs that enjoy cuddling, arranged from most to least.  

Taureans are incredibly fond of cuddling. They perceive it as intimacy that goes beyond simple handshakes and kisses.   

Additionally, if you've had a hectic day,   

Taureans are the ideal companion because they'll soothe and rest you with a spoon.Cancer is next in line.  

They see cuddling as an opportunity to get to know someone intimately,  

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