Zoo says world's most famous owl, Flaco, dies.

The Central Park Zoo released a statement stating that Flaco, the rare Eurasian owl that attracted attention from. 

New York City and was dubbed "the most famous owl in the world," had passed away following a collision.   

"We are saddened to report that Flaco, the Eurasian eagle owl discovered missing from the Central Park Zoo after his exhibit was vandalized just over a year ago, is dead."  

After an apparent collision with a building on West 89th Street in Manhattan the zoo said in a statement on Friday.   

People in the building reported Flaco to the Wild Bird Fund (WBF), according to the zoo.   

WBF personnel arrived fast, but he was not responding, and shortly after that, they pronounced him deceased.   

"Flaco's death was eventually caused by the vandal who destroyed his exhibit, endangering the bird's safety."   

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